The time to begin thinking of starting your own agency is today. Right now. Three weeks after graduation. (Part 1 of 2)

Don’t wait till you’re old enough. You’ll have a mortgage and kids who need braces then. Your knees will hurt. You’ll need income. Starting an agency is no way to generate income. Starting an agency is about loving ramen soup and driving a cheap car. Owning an agency that’s a few years old. That can mean income. But starting is for the young.  The light is green.

Don’t wait till you know what you’re doing. You’ll never know what you’re doing. No one does. It shouldn’t take you more than a couple weeks at an agency to discover this.

Don’t wait till you think you’re ready. What people wait for to happen before they start an agency happens the day you start your agency. You go to work and you find out you’re ready. Because you have to be. You weren’t ready the day before because you didn’t have to be. Stop primping. Time for the closeup.

You do not have to earn the right to start.

You maybe want to have done a campaign for a client before you start so you have something to show what you can do.

But start thinking about it now. Today. Three weeks after graduation.

(Part 2: Why Now is a Good Time to Start an Agency)