A Full & Complete Lesson in the Use of Typography May Be Found on the Opening Page of….

Dear Students,

It is not generally recommended that art directors cob layout tips from copywriters.
And I would hesitate to offer this one except:
1) It’s an example, not advice,

2) If one more wannabe David Carson shows me one more unreadable headline with 5 different fonts in it without there being any reason for the 5 fonts or the lack of readability, I fear I may spit up.

And so, in defense, this:

The first page of the first chapter of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.

Not how it looks, what it says.

I do not offer this in the belief that understanding the role of typography in our lives will entice you to treat it as something more than another new trick you can do with your Mac programs, but as fair warning should illness befall me when you return in, yes, say it with me, five weeks.