Start thinking about opening your own agency. Part 2

There has never before been a time when so many people–clients, agencies, the press, the schools, your friends–were willing to admit they have no idea what’s going on in advertising. Which means you’re more equal to the best in the business right now than you may ever be.

The cheaper you can live, the higher you can afford to set the standard of what you won’t do.

Nervy work gets noticed, not over-planned work. Nerves die in the presence of responsibilities. Age also doesn’t help.

The most necessary person in an ad agency is the one who can get new business. If you start thinking of opening your own agency now, you may know enough to take the opportunity to meet one of these rarities should one come along. Instead of blowing them off to play pool with your buddies. You need a partner who can make you jump. Start looking. Looking is thinking.

The time to think about doing something is before you have to, not when you have to. When you get fired your address book shrivels just as quickly as your heart does. At least start the thinking from a position of strength.

If you think about opening an agency now, when you come to actually do it you won’t have quite as stupid a look on your face. Like I did.

Until you start your own agency you will never do your work, only someone else’s. If you need a better reason than that to start an agency don’t do it.