Dear Graduates–A short disclaimer on your 2 years with us:

Branch Rickey (below, right) ran the Brooklyn Dodgers major league baseball team in the middle of the 20th century.

He was known for his ability to spot talent and help young ballplayers develop into stars.
He championed Jackie Robinson (above, left), hired him for the Dodgers, and supported his breaking the color barrier that had existed in Major League Baseball.
Rickey was successful, innovative and experienced.
There is no reason to believe he wasn’t fully in charge of all his faculties on the day he spoke a single sentence to the young man below.

Son,” said the wise Mr. Rickey to Yogi Berra, who would go on to the Hall of Fame & win more World Series games than any catcher in baseball history, “you’ll never be a major league player.

I hope you do not find it tiresome if I remind you one last time it’s what you think that matters, not what us ersatz Branch Rickeys think.

Congratulations on finishing your schooling.
Welcome to the start of your education.