Stop telling people what to do.

Have you noticed how rarely wisdom is acquired by its owner from the words of others?

How it is gotten almost exclusively by the repeated bearing of the consequences of its absence?

Don’t tell people what to do.

They don’t listen.


Write them a story.

Maybe the story of where they are.

How they got there.

What’s on the other side of the wall.

Who they are underneath.

They won’t listen to you telling them what to do.

But they’ll listen to your story.

And if your story is true.

It will be a map to them.

All good stories are maps.

And if they have a map, maybe they’ll look at it when the consequences start to pile up.

ps Right now you’re thinking sheesh, that’s so gauzy, so indistinct; advertising can’t be made like that. To which I can only reply: Take a look at what may be the best TV commercial ever made and tell me that isn’t exactly what they did.