Where You Been Isn’t Who You Are. But It Helps.

Dear Students,

I got hipped to a website by Felix Yip, that wacko Canuck planner who spilled paint on the floor during the first Creative Thinking class last year.
Probably you been to his site– felixyip.com– and seen this map there on which you can have the countries you’ve been to marked in red.

create your own visited countries map

An old guy like me has been a few places.
You think.
Until you look at this.
I haven’t seen anything yet.

I have 2¢ worth of advice.
It comes from having started working in junior high school pulling sludge out of sewers at a do-it-yourself carwash in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
From having worked a night job all through college.
From leaving town the night after graduation from Michigan State to drive to a job in Colorado.

It’s good to work hard at a job.
It’s also good to work hard at you.

It’s not graduation time.
But it is time to start thinking about what you’re going to do after graduation.
Don’t go look for a job.
Go see something you’ve never seen.
Go see something you’ve never seen and stay there for a while.
Agencies that have internship programs in the summer aren’t going to hire new people while they’ve got the 1st year interns working for them on the cheap.
Go get your head turned around in a country that’s not on your red list.
You ain’t never again going to be so young and pliable.
Go make it work for you.

This is not a picture of God.

This is not almighty.
I can tell you that most of the impact it will have on your life will be detrimental rather than enlightening.
I don’t expect you to believe that thought whole–you’ll have to earn that wisdom yourself–but there’s a chance you’ll consider it for a 3 month period. So I offer it.

You got plenty of time to serve the dollar bill.
Serve your mind.