What separates agencies who make ads from agencies who make great ads. Part 2.

It struck me in reading over the 1st part of this post that I’d described something–found insight–but not given an example of it in action. The admaker with the best story I’ve heard about the value of found insight is someone I know who was also nice enough to write the story out:  
“In the late 90’s, Tiger Woods was winning so often it seemed like everyone else on the PGA Tour was showing up to compete for 2nd place. And Tiger was a golf Terminator–all fist pumps and intensity. Nike asked us to show another side of Tiger. A more human side.
We developed a spot called Driving Range. A simple story of Tiger on a range with average golfers who begin mimicking Tiger’s swing resulting in a ballet of perfect golf — until Tiger leaves and everyone reverts back to slices and duck hooks. We asked Lasse Hallstrom to direct. During a break in filming, we saw Tiger bouncing a golf ball on the head of his driver. Cast and crew loved it. It was amazing — and fun — to watch. We thought it would be a nice thing to put on film and show at a sales meeting. So we put Tiger in next year’s apparel and shot it during the lunch break.
I remember walking up to video village after we finished with my partner Chuck McBride and looking at playback. It was obvious this was more than a meeting toy. It was something we had found that did a better job of making Tiger human than the commercial we were shooting.
Everybody remembers Hackeysack. Nobody remembers Driving Range .”
 -Hal Curtis, Creative Director, Wieden & Kennedy