You don’t need to go to school to learn advertising.


You don’t need anyone to teach you that crap.

Look at it up there on the TV yelling at you to buy a new Ford for a hundred and forty-four dollars down.

Who couldn’t do that?


Sing it with me: “I wish I was an Oscar Meyer wiener. That is what I’d truly like to be-e-e.”

What class could teach you to do that?

You can already talk, you can already sing, you can already stand in front of a camera and point.

What else is there?


We’ve been watching it every day since we were born.

What’s there to learn that people don’t already know?

It ain’t a mystery.

So, why teach at Brandcenter?

For one reason: Good advertising.

That’s the whole tamale.

We don’t teach advertising, we teach good advertising.

Advertising is the shrill, stupid, clumsy, lame communications that fill up our TV screens and magazines and websites, yelling at us what we already know we don’t want to know.

99.5% of advertising is advertising.

Good advertising is the exact spiritual opposite of advertising.

To do good advertising requires work and vision and knowledge and touch and wisdom and luck and all the other stuff that we’re not born with but which must be developed.

You don’t need those things to make advertising.

But you need them all and in subtle relation to each other in order to make good advertising.