Being Good at School isn’t the Point of School

Dear Students,
School is a place to try on the real world.
A place to fall face-first without the consequences of failure or the stifling restrictions of the real world.
Don’t mistake it as a stage to perform on.

It’s a practice room.

The real world is going to be yours too soon with its nincompoop forests of unbearable dullards, wasteful rigamarole, and ignoramus creative directors who belittle your work because they’re afraid they’re not as gifted as you.

Don’t hold yourself back from using all the room your current freedom provides.

Wait for and work at finding the wild insight that you only barely think may be true instead of settling for the mild one you know everyone else will have.
Not only is the wild one more likely to be fun to work on, but one of the lessons being out of school soon teaches is that the boldness of thought which you’re so free to try on at school is a necessity for success in the real world.
You will not rise without it.